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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to increase the sustainability of our food supply for the health of the planet and all people, now and for generations to come.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to improve the lives and bottom-line of hard-working organic producers and agents by making farming & certification more efficient, transparent and profitable.


Quick Organics


Tech-forward entrepreneur becomes an organic farmer
…and spent 7 years creating a system to streamline the certification process.

In 2013, motivated by a childhood dream, our founder Greg Schreiner purchased a set of certified organic farms located in Wellington, Colorado. The properties had been organic for over 30 years. Intending to keep the farms legacy organic, Greg soon discovered the daunting process of organic certification and paperwork. After years of experimenting with various spreadsheets and tracking processes, the family perfected their processes and quickly realized there were many other farmers who could benefit from their knowledge. In 2021, working with some of the top software engineers and organics certifiers in the field, we launched Quick Organics with the goal of streamlining organic certification for the thousands of farmers. By digitizing the process, Quick Organics saves farmers significant time and stress when it comes to paperwork and data management, while providing immense value and insights that can help streamline and grow their farming operation.

Our program will be the answer to all your frustrations. Enjoy the process, we look forward to working with you!

“You are the most organized farm we see all year. If only other farmers used your system.”

Our Team

Frankie Grundler

Founder and CEO

20-year Entrepreneur & Executive
Advisor to Start-Ups

Greg Schreiner

Founder & Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur
Silver Reef Organic Farms

Connie Karr

Head of Certification

24 Years in Organic Certification Industry
10 Year Executive at Oregon Tilth Chair of Accredited Certifiers Association

Rodney James

Head of Technology

12 years of experience in technology sector.
10 years of military service, U.S. Army.
6 years of experience as a software engineer.
M.S. in Education

Rachel Myers

Certification & Inspections Lead

Chair of Int’l Organic Inspectors Assoc. 20 years inspecting thousands of farms, food processing facilities in the US, Asia and Europe.

Brittany Beavers

Product Manager

5 years experience in organic certification industry. Often led transition from conventional to organic. B.S. in Sustainable Food Systems from the University of Massachusetts Amherst

Michael Zenaty

Head of Design

Led product design at Goldman Sachs
10 years of design experience
Passionate about using tech to address climate change.

Susie Grundler

Project Manager

18 years of experience in project management in several industries

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