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Add-On’s to the Program Purchase

Looking for some additional help getting your operation on its way to organic status compliance? Our team at Quick Organics is here to help you achieve success. From the most experienced users, to our users just learning about the organic regulations, our program service add-on’s can assist you in streamlining your processes and ensuring continuous compliance.

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Initial Set Up Assistance

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We know that getting started with your operation’s Organic System Plan (OSP) can be an intimidating and a daunting task.  But our Set Up Assistance add-on, can help you clear the clutter and get you well on your way to organic status compliance. 

For operations looking to get organic status for the first time: That first step is always the hardest step.  But you have come to the right place!  Our specialized team is here to help you establish a framework that is vital to establishing your OSP.  The OSP is the key to achieving organic status and proper records need to be kept. A specialized Quick Organics’ Success Manager will lead you through the various components of the Setup and Activity pages.  During this program tour, they will give specific instructions or feedback on the importance of each section and how it relates to organic status compliance.  Your Success Manager will be able to assist you while you design your OSP and send the initial application to your certifying agent.

For more information about the Certification Process or to locate a certifying agent, visit our “Overview of the Certification Process” Page. (**insert link to page**)


For operations with current organic certification: We know that your time is valuable and transitioning your current recordkeeping processes to Quick Organics may be time consuming.  This option allows you to provide your current and previous organic status records to a Success Manager who will input your information into the system.  This add-on can save you time and make sure that your Quick Organics program is ready to go immediately! 

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Quarterly Audit / Checkups

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Wanting to make sure that your Organic System Plan (OSP) is current and up to date? Need someone to audit your records to ensure that you’re maintaining the records you need to? Our specialized team can offer you feedback on your current OSP and areas of improvement to make sure that your compliance is maintained throughout the year. These audits are especially helpful prior to the annual renewal, onsite inspection or during busy times of the year where daily recordkeeping is sometimes forgotten. By completing these checkups, our team can ensure your operation is using the program to its full potential and provide confidence that your OSP is compliant.