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Coming Soon!

Quick Organics is excited to announce coming features to the program! We hope these features help you improve your operation’s record keeping and organic status compliance processes.  Be on the lookout for the upcoming release of these features:

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Farm Plan Overview

One of the major updates coming to the Quick Organics program is a refreshed main page that now includes a Farm Plan Overview. This overview is a quick snapshot of the operation’s current year Organic System Plan. The Farm Plan will include current progress designing the OSP and showcase key snapshots of activity updates.

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Harvest and Post-Harvest Tracker

This update expands our current Activity tracker to give you availability to track individual loads during harvest. Each user will be able to assign loads directly to a field and crop and include specific information related to – load ticket numbers, Bill of Ladings, gross and net weights, load specifications, and much more. This update will help improve your organic status compliance record keeping by providing detailed harvest reports for your certifying and on-site inspectors.

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Additional Scopes for Certification

The current Quick Organics platform is designed for the Crop Producer certification scope but we are adding additional scopes to meet the needs of our users. Many of our users have unique operations that are also certified organic in one or many of the other scopes including livestock producers, processers/handlers, and wild crops. These additions to the program will ensure that Quick Organics continues to be your operation’s solution for maintaining comprehensive records and achieving organic status compliance.

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Seed Calculator

Need help determining how much seed you need to order? Have problems ordering too much or too little? This seed calculator will allow you to determine exactly how much seed to order by information from your current or upcoming year’s Organic System Plan. By linking the Seed Type information page and your Field and Crop information, the calculator will provide a report showing how much seed to order and the vendor information. This report will make your annual seed orders correct and more streamlined saving your operation both time and money.

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Manure Sourcing, Tracking and Input Inventory Tracking

Keeping track of input inventory is a crucial piece of any operation’s organic compliance as well as helping your operation minimize spending. Our new update will allow each user to track incoming input inventories, whether it be manure or other input products, and make sure that your operation has what you need, when you need it. It also makes sure that your operation isn’t buying or receiving more than you need, thus reducing cost and waste. In terms of organic status compliance, your operation will be able to provide your certifier and onsite inspector a complete report of inputs stored, locations and planned usage.

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Crop Insurance Calculator

While crop insurance is not a component of organic status compliance, selecting the correct yearly coverage is crucial for any farming operation. Quick Organics’ visionary team believes that the current platform will not only help you maintain organic status compliance but also help you make better management practices. By providing farm-specific information related to your crop insurance coverage, Quick Organics can help your operation select sufficient coverage while being aware of budgetary needs. This will help reduce both your operational risk and costs.