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Quick Organics Onboarding Process

At Quick Organics, we make it easy for you to maintain your operation’s organic status! Below you will find a Step-by-Step process for getting your account ready for the next growing season as you grow Organic Crops or begin transitioning your farm to Organic.

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Step 1: Sign Up

To begin, all you need to do is click “Sign Up” and complete your registration process. Make sure to include the “Farm Name” that was provided during your purchase.  Our development team will then set up your online portal.  You will receive an email when the set up process is complete and you have been given access to your online portal.  Repeat this step for each member that you would like to have access to your Farm account.  These members will be able to access your account, upload information, add data, or be a part of your organic certification process!

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Step 2: Assigned Customer Success Manager

When your online portal has been set up, you will be assigned a Customer Success Manager. This person is here to help you when you have questions, need support, or anything else. Your Success Manager is available to you at any point in time and will be responsive within 24 hours of a request for assistance.

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Step 3: Start to Setup Operation’s Records

The most important process is the “Setup”. At this point this is when you will upload and add all farm data into your portal. Not sure exactly what you will need? No problem! You can find an Account Setup Checklist on our Help page which will help you determine what documents and information that you need. Once you have this information collected go to the “Set Up” pages and start to enter the data. As you insert more data you will begin to see your pages self-populating which streamlines your processes and makes everything even easier!  

Again, if you find yourself having any challenges, please reach out to your Success Manager or click on the “Contact Us” widget.

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Step 4: Complete Activities

Once you complete the core account Setup pages, then you will then engage with your portal using the “Add Activity” tabs.  These Activity pages will be where your operations’ daily and yearly activities will be recorded, including – planting and harvest data, inputs used, weed management practices and pest/disease issues. 

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Step 5: Yearly Success Follow Ups

As a part of our promise at Quick Organics we want to ensure that you feel supported, clear, and organized. With this in mind not only will you have your Success Manager to speak to when you need support throughout the year but you will also have annual follow ups with your Success Manager. This yearly check-in is time to ask questions and get answers.  These meetings is where you can review the past year, see if there’s anything you would like to have added to your program, and to share your experience from the program as a whole!

At Quick Organics, we are here to help you in any way possible. We know how challenging getting all your organic paperwork can be.  The founders and creators of Quick Organics are farmers themselves and struggled for years to find an easy, efficient, and sustainable system. So we know the struggle and that’s exactly why Quick Organic’s came to life, to make your paperwork easy and give you more time to focus on what you love, farming!